Whether you’re an entrepreneur or intraprenuer, you seek to Cross the Chasm from early adopters to mass market appeal for your product or service. You also want your business model to be dynamic in a Blue Ocean Strategy rather than stagnant in a Red Ocean. Knowing that first-time entrepreneurs only have a 10% success rate, how do you navigate your team toward the Tipping Point of success?

The Ecotech team of Strategic Advisors bring a blend of Fortune 500 and Startup expertise to help you create a company that is Fast, Focused and Flexible.

We leverage Time as the new Competitive Advantage. We help you
* Accelerate toward a viable and valuable business model and
* Shorten the time-to-market and time-to-money.

Your Startup is not about Survival, it’s about Success.

For more information:
Contact Ecotech Ventures at ecotechventures@gmail.com
Startup Challenges:
  • 50%: Product/Service Development
  • 30%: Time to Market
  • 20%: Sales & Marketing (Source: Founderspeak)

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